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Automate processes, and create a growing source of team knowledge.

Layer enables you to easily connect data across your organization. Build, store, and automate without having to write a single line of code.

Create your first workflow in seconds.

Integrate with Layer’s built in templates, and start using the workflow automation builder.

“Layer has allowed our team to easily connect data across our tech stack. We have become more aligned and informed.”

How do organizations use Layer?


Automate tasks based on product usage.

  • Capture product usage data
  • Identify churn
  • Track analytics
  • Budget and plan
  • Campaign creation

Categorize, document all in one place.

  • Product Requirement Docs
  • Tasks
  • Documentation
  • User research
  • Customer feedback

Keep customer data all in one place.

  • Support tickets
  • Reports
  • Automatically create tickets
  • Resolution analytics
  • Churn detection

Power your organization

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